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Your Question

Every question is an invitation to embark on a journey together to explore the meaning of your question and what 'an answer' could be.

You acquire the skill of slowing down and attaining stillness. Tuning into your thoughts and feelings, creating room for what 'is'.

It indeed requires courage to introspect and break free from your 'usual' routine. However, the solution lies within you, and together, we will reveal it and nurture its development.

In this process, you unravel the true essence of your inquiry, your desires, needs, and what you can release. Essentially, you evolve into the answer.

It can be demanding to delve into new insights and actions, so exercise patience and kindness towards yourself. With time, you gain deeper self-awareness and find increased freedom and comfort in navigating the world from your authentic self. 

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The nature of your inquiry can vary:

  • It could involve physical symptoms, illness, or chronic stress that leaves you drained.
  • Emotions might be overwhelming, like fear, sadness, or significant emotional fluctuations.
  • Challenges may arise in relationships with others, be it your partner, family, or colleagues.
  • Questions may pertain to your work—do you still find (the) joy in it?
  • A persistent sense of dissatisfaction, inquiries about meaning, or other existential questions.

Your concern may be recent or longstanding; it doesn't matter—you are welcomed. 

If, following an exploratory conversation, it appears that I lack the appropriate expertise, we will collaboratively identify a suitable referral.

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Occasionally, a single conversation suffices to address your question; perhaps all you needed was a fresh perspective or a sympathetic ear.

Historically, approximately six sessions are deemed optimal. During this period, the focus is genuinely on your process. Without time constraints, you can allow new insights to settle and make deliberate choices. This approach lets you tangibly experience the impact of this work on you, fostering a deep understanding and integration of your experiences.

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My Proposition

Our journey commences with a thorough exploration of your query. What is its true essence, and what standards must the response meet? What resources do you require pursuing what truly matters and genuinely brings you joy?

I listen to your narrative. What message does your body want to tell you? Which emotions do you permit, and which do you relegate to the background? What convictions shape your thoughts? Where do they originate from, and are they beneficial? Does your question have ties to memories? Experiences? We might delve into the deeper strata of your memories. 

Since you are not an island, we scrutinise your relationships and your role within your family.

Dialogue serves as our principal tool throughout. 'Crucial' but not always all-encompassing. Your body also serves as a fount of information. Nurturing a connection with it transforms it into an ally on the path to the freedom of living completely. Through straightforward exercises, I aim to motivate you to foster self-reflection.

Emerging self-awareness and consciousness guide you toward an answer that resonates with your true self; this answer lies within you. The core of our work lies in discovering and unleashing your wisdom.

Haste isn’t helpful, patience and tranquillity all the more. 
The frequency of our appointments follows a rhythm that suits your  process.

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A Unique Resource

We often direct our focus inward and overlook the fact that we are integral to a broader entity—nature. At Expedition U, we aim to (re)establish your connection with this invaluable wellspring of strength and wisdom.

Numerous parallels exist between the natural processes and your journey of growth. In nature, nothing is redundant; every element holds significance. As you seek your place in the world, you'll realise you've always had a place; you merely need to occupy it.

In nature, we witness a sequence of processes, and each holds importance. Similar to the changing seasons, you can draw confidence to rest and then approach energetically what you truly need to accomplish.

Transforming nature into our workspace transcends mere walking. We consciously link with an energy field that nurtures and inspires.

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Choosing an ACT assessment at the outset of your journey essentially equips your expedition with an additional GPS. This assessment not only vividly outlines your talents, skills, and developmental possibilities but also sheds light on the inner (unconscious) dynamics impacting your personal development journey, whether supportive or inhibiting.

This heightened self-awareness empowers you to make conscious choices aligned with your nature, elevating your personal growth to a higher plane.

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The Possibilities

  • An individual session typically lasts one hour, while a two-person session takes approximately an hour and a half.
  • Conversations can be held in my office or at a location of your choosing.
  • Online meetings are also possible and can be remarkably enriching. 
  • Prefer an outdoor setting? A nature walk, perhaps? In that case, we can arrange to meet at a location you select or in proximity to my practice. A bit of rain won't deter us ;-)
  • For travel beyond 10 km from my practice, a fee of €0.35/km will be incurred.
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Further Details

  • Through Belgian health insurance funds, you can expect an average reimbursement of €10 per session.
  • If you're an employee and your company offers coaching reimbursement, be sure to inquire.
  • For the self-employed, there is the possibility of invoicing these sessions.
  • Opting for a year-long program (10 sessions spread over one year) includes a 10% discount

Expedition U 
Coaching Towards Enthusiasm

An expedition is an endeavour, a journey of exploration or discovery.

U represents the uniqueness within each of us
Who you truly are and the desire to be recognised in that.

U also symbolises our universal longing for connection
To feel that you belong, just as you are.

Enthusiasm refers to your joy in life
experienced when you find purpose and meaning in life.